Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aubrey’s surgery date has changed again!

Caroline from Dr Paley’s office called and asked if we would be interested in changing Aubrey’s surgery to December 7th because Dr Paley wants to fly in surgeons from all over the world to watch and learn about the procedure he is going to do. She said normally they don’t ask this of patients but due to the fact that Aubrey’s condition is so rare (each PFFD case is different within itself but Aubrey’s is on the more severe side) not many surgeons know about the procedure Dr Paley has come up with and he is wanting to teach other doctors about it.

We really didn’t want to push it back 2 more months because we are ready to get it behind us and it’s not the best time of year to have a surgery….. it will put us flying home on Ethan’s birthday, 3 days before Christmas, but it seemed like such a good cause. More doctors learning how to do this surgery means that more children like Aubrey will have the option of lengthening….Dr Paley is one of the only doctors in the world right now that would even attempt lengthening on Aubrey and so many others. My hope is that it will soon change and more doctors will see how Paley is changing these children’s lives and that they will learn the techniques Dr Paley has found. And for Aubrey to be a part of that change would be incredible………..not only will this surgery change Aubrey’s life for the better but it could help change many other children's lives in the future.

So it didn’t take us long to decide that Aubrey’s new surgery date is December 7th 2010!


  1. Hi Natalie,

    I came across your blog today and see that you are having Superhip II as well. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We had to learn as we went along so if we can help with any info from a patient perspective, we are happy to help.

    Kristen (Daniel's Mum)

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